Request of the free patronage for the 22nd General Assembly and Symposium "Building Peace throu

The European Walled Towns received and invitation from Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco. The Foundation will be organising the 2020 annual meeting which will turn from a Symposium into a Forum focusing on the topics dealing with economic, socio-cultural, environmental aspects of sustainable development along with interpretation and communication of different places with their cultural expressions (craftmanship, traditional production etc).

The Forum will include the 22nd General Assembly of International Experts of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco, the Symposium Building Peace through Heritage, the International Showcase of the cultural expressions part of the Life Beyond Tourism Movement and cultural side events. This call follows the Appeal to the International Community Building Peace through Heritage ( formulated with ICOMOS International Scientific Committee Interpretation and Presentation and approved during the 21st General Assembly of International Experts of the Foundation (March 2019).

European Walled Towns members are invited to submit Papers. Papers should clearly describe the background of the subject, the authors’ contribution, includingthe methods used, results and concluding discussion on the importance of the work from both scholarly and managerialperspectives.

All accepted papers will be published in the online proceedings issued by Life Beyond Tourism Editions project.

Guidelines for abstracts submission All those who are intended to participate have to send an abstract of their contribution within the 10 November 2019.

Follow the guidelines in the abstract template. Language for abstract presentation is English. Also craftsmen and businesses are invited to send within the deadline max 200 words of description of the product, history of the activity and eventually the connection with the place. Send also a short biography (150 words) and a profile picture or business logo.

Download Call for Abstract document

Download information document

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