Valletta 453rd Anniversary celebrations

On Thursday 28th March 2019, on the occasion of the 453rd anniversary of the foundation of Valletta, European Walled Towns president Joe Spiteri, joined other representatives from the central government, and local organisations, led by the Mayor, Christian Micallef, and attended a wreath laying ceremony and a thanks giving mass, held by the Valletta Local Council, to commemorate such an important event. Indeed, it was a fitting event to pay tribute to the City built by gentlemen for gentlemen. Those present had also the opportunity to visit the church of Our Lady of Victories, where the foundation stone of Valletta was laid 453 years ago. On 28 March 1566, Grand Master Jean Parisot de la Valette laid the foundation stone on what was then a bare peninsula known as Sceberras Hill. The building of the new city was absolutely necessary for the island to defend itself from attacks from the sea at the time. The previous year, the Maltese had emerged victorious from the Turkish Army’s assault in what became known as the Great Siege.

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