Fortification system in the town of Trnava

The protection and restoration of the cultural heritage in the city of Trnava is one of the priorities, the preservation of the monumental values and the history is an important element for the future of the city.

Trnava is interested in promotion of international partnerships and further exchange of experience, knowledge, information about funded projects in the area of rescuing and restoration of monuments.

Trnava has systematically restored town fortification from the 13th century.

The City of Trnava regularly attends workshops, seminars, consults with the Regional Monument Office, the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, offers several presentations for visitors, organisers tours with a guide and other events.

It is dedicated to the restoration and protection of the city's cultural heritage for the purpose of better understanding and orientation through the history of Trnava. All these activities contribute to the preservation and development of the Cultural Heritage in connection with cultural tourism and the promotion of tourism.

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