Minutes of Annual General Meeting Hellevoetsluis 2016

President welcomed and thanked all those who attended the Annual General Meeting.

He informed everyone that the two vice presidents and the treasurer were due for re election. Invitations were sent to those who were interested and the only nominations received were from Veronique Stern and Anne Scicluna and one by Emy Micallef for the post of treasurer. All three will not be contested, but they will be confirmed. The President said that during the Management meeting it was discussed that instead of having a symposium every year it will be held every two years, this would give the organisation more time to prepare for a better organisation, the President also said that it was also discussed that the officers including the president will be elected for two years and not for 3, therefore the constitution needs to be ammended, in the coming months the secretariat will be drafting amendments to the constitution in this sense, so that once the term of the officers comes in line obviously this will go back to the system of the officers being elected for three years.

Members present during the Annual General Meeting

Joseph Spiteri Malta

Andrew Grima Malta

Emy Micallef Malta

Vincent Zammit Malta

Dr. John Ebejer Malta

Anne Scicluna Chichester - UK

Veronique Stern Hellevoetsluis - Netherlands

Rainco Van Egmond Hellevoetsluis - Netherlands

Nathaly van der Wielen Hellevoetsluis - Netherlands

Medwyn Jones Denbigh – Wales

Mary Jones Denbigh – Wales

Marina Grcic Karlovac - Croatia

Marina Kolakovic Karlovac - Croatia

Aykut Uray Bursa – Turkey

Mehmet Peker Bursa – Turkey

Ufuk Goksu Bursa – Turkey

Milan Kovac Ljublijana

Apologies were received from: Isabel Pinto (Elvas), Elsa (Elvas), Mod Arkinston (Netherlands) , Nada Zajc (Piran), Doris Norton (Chichester), Mark Lusby (Derry), Biserka Simatovic (Dubrovnic), Tony French (Chichester), Vicky Mackdonald (Conwy) and Annalisa Lafila (Finland), Margaret and Bernard Shaw (Berwick-upon-Tweed)

Minutes from Annual General meeting held in Ravenna 2015 President read the minutes after discussion they were approved.

European Walled Towns Workshops Report Dr. John Ebejer presented his report on the workshops which were held on the day before. John pointed out that there were five areas in which the various groups dealt with. These were: 1. Learning, desire to use the European Walled Towns for learning, to improve the work done in our cities. 2. Networking which was considered as important by all groups. 3. Exposure of our towns and of the European Walled Towns (publicity). 4. Awareness of urban heritage in order to get people in the organisation and outside to be more aware on urban heritage. 5. Extending the European Walled Towns membership in what way the membership needs to be taken to reach these members.

The President said that the full report will be posted on the European Walled Towns website, in the coming weeks and in the coming months the secretariat will be working on the report. He also pointed out that not all the suggestions and proposals mentioned could be implemented due to lack of resources. Joseph Spiteri pointed and highlighted that the organisation is dependent on voluntary people and there is also the financial aspect which one has to take in consideration.

Click here for Workshops Report

Financial Report 2015 The treasurer presented the Financial Report for 2015.

NGO Registration application. The President said that unfortunately during the final process of the registration the commissioner of the non Governmental Organisation in Malta has come up with an objection, this consisted of the fact that the organisation contains Local Councils as members and unfortunately the Maltese law excludes Local Councils from being members of a larger NGO, unfortunately the European Walled Towns has spent a substantial amount of funds on legal services and at the end, the organisation was left with only one choice either eliminate the Local Councils as members or leave everything as it is without registering as an NGO. The President together with the two vice presidents and other officers in the management team decided that the organisation could not eliminate the local councils being part of the organisation. Therefore it was decided to end the process. Although it was an advantage for the European Walled Towns to be registered as an NGO, especially when applying for EU funded projects. It would have been impossible for the organisation to function without the support of Local Governments.

Membership Fee President Joseph Spiteri stated that the decision taken last year to decrease the membership fee saw the organisation losing 50% of its income. This was already discussed during the Management Meeting and the organisation cannot sustain itself with the fees as they are, it was then agreed to increase slightly the membership fees as from January 2017. The new fees will be €150 for towns under 25,000 population instead of €140 while larger towns with over 25,000 inhabitants will pay €300. This will give the organisation a little bit of room in managing the organisation. The individual member fee will remain as it is €30.

Election Vice President No election was needed because there were only 2 nominations, Veronique Stern an Anne Scicluna were unanimously approved. Election Treasure No election was needed because there was only one nominations that of Emy Micallef, the treasurer was unanimously approved.

Social Media The President explained that recently the EWT ended up having three Facebook pages. We were confusing people which one to follow. During the Management Meeting it was decided that David should drop his Facebook page and amalgamated with the one and the newly created, and will be administered by the secretary general. The President continued by saying that various attempts were made in order to get the rights for the original Facebook page but did not succeed so please ignore it. Please like the new Facebook page by following this link https://www.facebook.com/walledtowns/

Next Year's Symposium During the Management meeting, it was decided that rather than having a symposium every year, this will take place every 2 years, saving money and more time to prepare for a good symposium. The next symposium will take place in 2018.

A call will be issued for those interested in hosting the symposium in 2018. Vice president, Anne Scicluna suggested that the next symposium will be held in Valletta - Malta during the European capital of culture.

The president also asked those present if they wish to organise the symposium in their country.

Any other matters Marina from Karlovac said that this year, Karlovac has won the Europa nostra Award. Karlovac won the category for Education, training and awareness-rising. The president ended by congratulating Karlovac for this award and asked the representatives of Karlovac to be the ambassadors of the European Walled Towns within Europa Nostra. He also invited Karlovac representatives to continue to collaborate and closely work with the European Walled Towns


1. 'A long term vision for a walled town' by Rainco van Egmond and Veronique Stern - Hellevoetsluis - Netherlands - Click here for presentation

2. 'Developing project concept for historic sites: lessons learnt from Fort St Elmo' by Dr. John Ebejer, Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture, University of Malta - Click here for presentation, , Click here for document

3. 'Walled Cities' - Living Cities' by Vincent Zammit, Institute for Tourism Studies Malta. Click here for presentation

4. 'Preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage' by Aykut Uray, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Tourism, Department Historical & Cultural Heritage Directorate, Bursa Turkey. Click here for presentation

5. 'Protection "in situ" and presentation of archaeological remains of the medieval city of Ljubljana' by Milan Kovac - Ljubljana Slovenia. Click here for presentation

Click here for Annual General Meeting Minutes (pdf format)

Click here for Annual General Meeting Minutes (.doc format)

Click here for Annual General Meeting Image Gallery

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