Letter to Associate Members

by Vicky Macdonald

Hello Everyone, I have just returned from the Management meeting in Hellevoetsluis where I represent you, the Associate Members of EWT. We had wonderful weather, as warm as the reception we received from Veronique Stern and Nathaly van der Wielen who are organising the next Symposium to be held in Hellevoetsluis. This note is to tell you a little about it and hope that you might join us. Hellevoetsluis is in South West Holland and is a very pretty town surrounded by canals and ancient ramparts. There is a small beach from which David Bruce swam every morning we were there! He said it was bracing! The Management meeting replaced the old Executive meeting and was held to decide the format of the Symposium and to discuss EWT matters. It was attended by our President, Joe Spiteri and Vice Presidents, Ann Sicluna and Veronique Stern. We welcomed our new Treasurer, Emi Micallef and we were joined by our past Treasurer, Medwyn Jones. Andrew Grima, our new Secretary General took the minutes and lots of photos of us all! David Bruce cycled from the Hook, and back the same way. His fitness was in contrast to Anne’s appearance in a wheelchair as she had recently cracked a bone in her leg. Before the meeting it had been decided that, for the Symposium, we would re-visit the ‘Archway’ project, particularly in areas of Tourism, Heritage and Culture. There will be a number of speakers who were involved in the original work. We hope that it will be an interesting and effective exercise into whether the ideas put forward in Archway have been implemented. We will produce a paper at the end, looking towards the future. We are including some study trips and of course our Symposium Friendship Dinner. We really hope that all of you will be able to attend. As Associate members often travel alone, we hope that we might put on a special ‘friendship event’ so that we will be able to get to know each other. The dates of the Symposium are Thursday 29th September to Saturday 1st October. Flights to Amsterdam are very regular and the train to Rotterdam easy and straightforward. There will also be, I am sure, organised coach collections from stations and airports. Do get in touch with me on vickymacdonald@aol.com. It would be lovely to hear from you. With best wishes, Vicky Download Letter to Associate Members by Vicky Macdonald in pdf format.

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