Minutes of Management meeting held in Hellevoetsluis - 21st April 2016

Agenda Item 1 – President’s Introduction and Welcome The President, Mr. Joseph Spiteri thanked everyone for attending the management meeting and also thanked Veronique Stern for accepting to host this year's Symposium and Annual General Meeting.

The president explained that EU Funded programmes has always been a priority for EWT members and town members expect us to give them an opportunity to participate in EU Funded project. Joe Spiteri said that recently he managed to identify a qualified person in EU funded projects. A project was identified and an invite was sent to all members to express interest or to participate, the deadline was 15th April 2016. Unfortunately the response was not as expected and the number of participants was not as specified in order to apply for EU Funds. Joe mentioned an email received from Derry the day before, he also proposed that those members who expressed interest in EU funding programmes would be asked to send us a brief about their preferred programme subject. Agenda Item 2 – Symposium Programme and Agenda The president started by discussing the European Walled Towns 2016 Symposium. David Bruce pointed out the importance to start using the Symposium guidelines and update them in order to keep them alive. The president said that he already spoke to the two vice-presidents that during the Symposium we will use the guidelines documents produced during the Archway project which dealt with Conservation Protection and Enhancement, Transport, Cultural Heritage Management, Tourism Development & Management and Spatial Planning. Then the documents should be put for discussion and invite all members to choose a particular subject and make a presentation. These documents will serve for an interesting and good discussion; members can make presentations and then discuss them during the forum and workshops. At the end of the Symposium, a final document will be produced and then it can be used as guidelines. We will email the documents to all members, in the meantime these documents are already accessible on our website, click here to view the documents . Vice president Veronique Stern stressed out the point that presentations need to be to the point, professional and delivered by a good speaker. It was agreed that during the AGM there will be 5 presentations. David Bruce suggested to send summaries about the Archway documents to speakers in order to identify works carried out in their respective towns related to such guidelines documents (Archway) while getting information from the full guidelines.

During the meeting Nada, Carlos, Arnaldo, Vince, Lawrence and 2 Dutch speakers were identified. It was decided that for the next Symposium speakers should send their presentations beforehand and a timeframe should also be set. The presentation will be distributed between the management committee in order to be checked. The Theme chosen for the next Symposium will be Tourism, Heritage and Culture. Wednesday 28th September – Arrival management board members Thursday 29th September – Arrival other delegates, management meeting during morning, tour in the afternoon Friday 30th September – Symposium all day Saturday 1st October –AGM – Excursion by boat, dinner in the evening Agenda Item 3 – Financial Situation The President said that for quite some time, the European Walled Towns have not had a financial report, as regards accounts 2014-2015 up to the resignation of Frank, all that he was a spreadsheet with figures all written in Dutch at the end no conclusion was reached. Treasurer Emy Micallef, presented the financial situation up to February 2016 with a balance of €14,595.87. The treasure said that in September he will present a full statement. Medwyn Jones mentioned how important is that the treasurer will be from the same place as the president and also pointed out that the accounts need to be audited by a professional auditor because of the NGO. A total number of 61 invoices were sent to member towns, 24 members paid their membership fee. It was agreed that a final reminder will be sent to member towns in June. The President pointed out that due to the changes in membership fees structure income went down. Agenda Item 4 – Registration on NGO in Malta Following several meetings with the lawyer and the office of the commissioner in Malta, there are some amendments which needs to be done. The office of the commissioner, asked for a sworn declaration by the president about the nature of the NGO so that it is specified what nature of the organisation is. The President said that according to Maltese law, local councils and other state appointed organisations cannot be voting members or members of the EWT board; hence a distinction between voting members and passive members needs to be created in the statute. Therefore local members and state appointed organisations can be members attend meetings participate but will not be able to vote during AGM and will not be able to sit on the management committee. The commissioner pointed out that Wall Towns Friendship Circle is already an organisation registered in the UK. Medwyn Jones and Anne Scicluna confirmed that the organisation was never registered in the UK.

The President read the email sent by the Lawyer and suggested that the EWT will need to consider registering EWT as a legal person but not as a Voluntary Organisation. This would mean that EWT becomes like a company, with separate legal personality but not registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations. Agenda Item 6 – Any other matters Medwyn Jones pointed out that during the next Annual General Meeting both vice presidents will come up for election. It was decided that a call for nominations will be issued at the end of May and it will be returned by the end of June. The President asked what will happen, if the EWT receives a nomination after the end of June, if it will be accepted or not. It was agreed that the nomination will not be accepted. Anne Scicluna suggested that it is important to start thinking on next year’s symposium and issue an expression of interest and also think of any potential candidates and email them to organise events for the 2017 and 2018 Symposiums.

Management Committee Members present during meeting

Joe Spiteri - President Andrew Grima - Secretary General Anne Scicluna - Vice President Veronique Stern - Vice President Emy Micallef - Treasurer Medwyn Jones - Denbigh - UK David Bruce - Bristol - UK Vicky Macdonald - UK Natalie - Hellevoetsluis Council Ranco Van Egmond - Hellevoetsluis Council

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