The European Walled Towns Website is an Effective Communication Tool to Share our Common Interests

Dear Members,

I wish to invite you all, to send us any news and information regarding projects, and events in your town. I also urge you to send us any information regarding any EU projects or any other conferences and meetings, which can provide beneficial information to other members of the European Walled Towns.

The EWT website is available to each and every member town, and not simply an official website for the EWT news and information, and it is neither a simple tool to communicate with you, but also an essential communicating tool for each and every member town.

Therefore, I urge you to actively use the European Walled Towns website for the benefit of your town, and to further communicate not only with each other, but also with other individuals, towns and organisations, who share the same interests as ours.

With best wishes

Joseph Spiteri


European Walled Towns

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