The European Walled Towns applied to be registered as an NGO in Malta

The European Walled Towns submitted its application to be registered as an Non Governmental Organisation in Malta to the commissioner for NGOs. The registration document was duly signed before Dr. Daniela Azzopardi Bonanno LLD at her legal office in Valletta by the President, together with two Vice Presidents, Secretary General and the Treasurer on Monday 2nd November and formally submitted to the commissioner of NGOs in Malta. For this purpose the two Vice Presidents Mrs. Anne Scicluna and Mrs. Veronique Stern paid a short visit to Malta, where they also had the opportunity to meet with the new Treasurer Mr. Emy Micallef. During a meeting of the elected officers and the Secretary General, a general discussion was held regarding the implementation of the decisions taken at the Annual General meeting held in Ravenna . While the next Annual General Meeting and seminar was also discussed. Vice president Veronique Stern informed the president and the other elected officers that there is a positive response for the informal proposal by the president for Helleoistluis to host the next Annual General and seminar. Therefore the president will in the coming days will formally invite Hellevoistluis to host such an event. With such registration the European Walled Towns will be eligible for governmental and European funds and thus will also be eligible to participate in EU programmes available to NGOs in Malta. This has finally brought to an end the long process to finalise such document and the changes which needed to be made to our constitution and statutes in accordance to the nongovernmental organisation act of Malta. The application will be formally approved by the commissioner for NGOs in Malta in the coming weeks.

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