Renewal Process. Ravenna AGM Report.

19th October 2015 Dear Friends and Colleagues, I thank you all for re electing me President of the European Walled Towns for the next three years. Your vote of confidence encourage me to continue to work with you all in the best interest of the EWT and your respective Towns, Cities, Associations, Societies and Individual members. This year’s AGM held in Ravenna between the 30th September and the 3rd October 2015, was an opportunity for the renewal of the administrative structures of the European Walled Towns based on the experience of the last three years of my presidency and in view of the registration of the EWT as a Non Government Organisation (NGO) in Malta. The process to finalise the registration document, changes to the constitution and to the statutes of the EWT, has finally been concluded and approved. The approval has paved the way for the President and the two Vice Presidents, to sign the document before the lawyer in Malta and immediately after proceed with the formal registration of the EWT to become an NGO. This final process will take place during the first week of November 2015. The new Secretary General, Andrew Grima from Malta, Medwyn Jones of Denbigh, North Wales whom I appointed as my advisor and Vicky Mcdonald from Conway, North Wales was reappointed the individual members representative were endorsed by the AGM. Therefore we now have all the officers required by the constitution in place, namely the President, two Vice Presidents, the Secretary General and Treasurer. Veronique Stern from Hellevoetsluis from the Netherlands was elected Vice President who will be joining the other Vice President, Anne Scicluna of Chichester, England. Another new comer is Emy Micallef from Malta, who was appointed Treasurer. I warmly welcome the three new comers and look forward to work closely with them all together with the rest of the newly set up management committee members. The newly set up management committee, will be replacing the executive committee. It will be comprised of the President, two Vice Presidents, Secretary General, Treasurer, President’s Advisor, Academic Advisor and the individual members’ representative. The committee will be responsible for the day to day management of the EWT together with the President. The academic advisor, David Bruce was appointed membership secretary. This will ensure that the management committee, will have constant contact with both active and sleeping members. A new structure of membership was established, namely full members consisting of Towns, Cities, Associations and Societies and Individual members. A new flat membership fee of 140 Euros for full members was also approved. Each full member will have the right to vote, while the individual members will have one vote through there representative. I am confident that this renewal process will strengthen the EWT while it remains a relevant organisation. In the coming months and years, we will be focusing on issuing papers for the consideration of the members on issues of common interest, prior to the presentations during specifically organised meetings. I wish to thank all the delegates who attended the AGM. Special thanks to my colleagues, the Vice President Anne Scicluna, the Secretary General Andrew Grima, the Academic Advisor David Bruce and my advisor Medwyn Jones, who for the past six months were of utmost help and support to me. Together we have laid out a way forward, to renew and strengthen the EWT. Best regards Joseph Spiteri President European Walled Towns

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