Joe Spiteri re-elected President of the European Walled Towns

The former deputy Mayor of Valletta, Joe Spiteri was re elected President of the European Walled Towns (EWT) at the Annual General Meeting held in Ravenna, Italy between the 30th September and the 3rd October 2015. This will be his second term as President and will be serving for the next three years. Joseph Spiteri was born on 21st September 1961 and has lived in the city of Valletta all his life. He attended St. Albert the Great College also in Valletta. Mr. Spiteri has been working as a Civil Servant with the Malta Public Service from September 1990 to August 1998, serving within a substantial number of government departments. From September 1998 to 2013 he has served as Secretariat officer within the Personal Secretariat of the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications carrying out assignments and attending meetings at the discretion of the Minister. Currently Joe Spiteri works within the Land Transport Directorate. Mr. Spiteri plays an active role in the civic life of the city, this mostly arising from his involvement within the Valletta Local Council for seventeen years from 1993, when Local Government was introduced in Malta up to 2013. He was deputy mayor of Valletta for ten years. Mr. Spiteri has always strived to work towards making residents and visitors alike perceive Valletta as a unique living experience. He worked towards a better quality of life for Valletta residents, based on a safer and healthier environment, with an improved infrastructure appropriate for a modern walled city. ​ The City of Valletta joined the European Walled Towns (EWT) in 1996 and during the past nineteen years, Mr. Spiteri representing the Valletta Local Council has contributed extensively, taking quite a pro-active role within the organisation. Mr. Spiteri has been active and gave a valid contribution to the long and delicate debate regarding the change of name of the organisation, and in every internal discussion regarding changes to the constitution and other matters within the EWT during the years. Within the context of the EWT, Mr. Spiteri was also involved in the ARCHWAY Project between 2004 and 2007, which focused on developing a pan-European network for walled towns, enabling them to share information and exchange best practice on issues that affected them all. The project aimed at the creation of a network which would become the principal source of European policy, good practice, innovation and excellence in the conservation, promotion, development, management and spatial planning of historic places. He has always been open to ideas and actively participated with other member Towns and Cities of the EWT in various European projects offering prompt support and feedback.

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