December 9, 2019

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Letter to Associate Members

May 9, 2016

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Summary - Annual General Meeting Ravenna 2015

October 9, 2015


Between the 30th September and 3rd October, 20 delegates from 13 walled towns attended the 25th Annual General Meeting of the European Walled Towns held in Ravenna.

During the 48th Executive meeting which was held on the 1st and 2nd of October, President Joe Spiteri gave an overview of what had happened during the past months. He mentioned the resignation of the three Dutch towns and that he had appointed a new Secretary General and also informed the other secretariat members that their service is no longer needed by the European Walled Towns.

The President also informed the members about The European Walled Towns funds that were in the Netherlands, these were successfully transferred to a new Bank account in Malta.

 What was discussed:
•    Changes through the structures and workings of the European Walled Towns Committee were discussed during the first day of the Executive meeting.
•    An NGO document was approved during the Annual General Meeting, the document needs to be signed by the President and the two vice-presidents.
•    The Executive Committee as presently constituted would cease to exist, instead a Management Committee consisting of Elected Officers- president,  two  vice  presidents,  and  a treasurer  and  also  the  secretary  general,  the president’s academic adviser, the president’s  adviser and an elected representative of individual members would help the President in the day-to-day management and the preparation of future plans of European Walled Towns. It would review European Walled Towns finances every quarter and would report to and be endorsed by the EWT Annual General Meeting.
•    A need for a membership Programme Secretary role was acknowledge and agreed also.
•   A revised paper on the proposed new Membership and fee structure was discussed, this would clarify the point that all paid members – whether towns, links, networks, individuals or associations would be entitled to vote, while Individual  members  will  not  have  a  separate  vote  individually  but  only  one  vote  by  their representative.

Day 1 Presentation
Viewing York’s walls in the past, the present and the future’ – by David Warburton

The Annual General meeting was held on 2nd October 2015. The first item of the Agenda was the endorsement of the new Secretary General. The second item consisted of the approval of the 2014 Chichester AGM Minutes, these were approved.

The changes to the EWT structures to have a management committee instead of an executive committee which were discussed during the Executive meeting were agreed and approved.

The treasurer informed the members that since the information by the former treasurer and Secretary General was not complete he could not draw up a proper report, it was then agreed that the new treasurer would go through all information available together with Medwyn Jones to make reconciliation. The President will also send a breakdown of expenses made for the AGM in Ravenna and also a Bank statement.

Election of President
No nominations for vice president and treasurer were received during the AGM. Towns president during the AGM were asked or invited if anyone could take any of these posts, but  no one volunteered to take up these posts.  

Since  only  one  nomination  was  received  for  President  Joe  Spiteri  was  re  elected  as  President unanimously, following a request for a vote to be taken. Veronique Stern representing Hellevoetsluis volunteered to occupy the post of second vice-president if she is endorsed by her council in the Netherlands.

Vicky Macdonald was appointed as a representative for individual members, Vicky volunteered to issue a short newsletter and send it to the members, this was  agreed and approved.

Day 2 Presentations
Times stones of History by James Bruce (Part 1)
Times stones of History by James Bruce (Part 2)

Making the Most of Walled Towns by David Bruce

The Valletta Grand Harbour and the Conservation and  re use of the surrounding by Vince Zammit


Who attended?
England: Berwick-on-Tweed; Chichester; Wells; York; Bristol
Malta: Birgu
Netherlands: Hellevoetsluis
Turkey: Osmangazi
Wales: Conwy; Denbigh;Tenby


AGM Minutes
48th Executive Meeting minutes
25th Annual General Meeting minutes

Cultural Tour
Members present during the AGM were taken to a three hour Cultural Tour round Ravenna, lead by our guide Verdiana Conti Baioni. We visited the church of San Vitale, Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, The Basilica of St. Apollinare Nuovo, The Baptistery of Neon and the Orthodox Baptistery.



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