Peñacerrada (in Basque and officially Urizaharra Peñacerrada-Urizaharra) is a municipality in the province of Alava, Spain.


In 1377 King Henry II of Castile gave the Alava Peñacerrada villas, Lagrán and Marquínez Diego Gómez Sarmiento, was quarterback Castilla4 and advance greater of Castile and Galicia and was married to Leonor Enríquez de Castilla, Mrs. Salinas Anana and granddaughter of King Alfonso XI of Castilla. And the historian Hegoi Urcelay Gaona said the villa was ceded him Peñacerrada Marshal Diego Gómez Sarmiento along with all their dues, fees, civil and criminal justice and the grouper and mixed empire.