Labraza is a small town of Álava, in the municipality of Oyón-Oion, along with the town of Barriobusto and Oyón-Oion said, standing at the eastern border with Navarra.


The villa is very beautiful medieval flavor. It has several square towers defending an oval town with restored streets. The distance between the towers varies between 15 and 17 meters. The length of the village is 116 meters long and 80 meters at the widest. 


A major review is that the wall has won the World Walled Cities Prize awarded by the prestigious Executive Board of the International Circle of Walled Cities.


This award, which is awarded every three years, recognizes innovative projects on management, conservation and restoration of historic walls. On this occasion, the Northern Irish racing Labraza city of Carrickfergus, Chichester (England), Plasencia (Cáceres) and Vitoria.

It is believed that Labraza inspired writer Pio Baroja's novel The firstborn of Labraz. However, the landscape described by John Doe only has similarity with that of the town.