General information


Heusden is a small walled town situated on the Bergsche Maas. The town has been completely restored. The walled town Heusden is situated in the middle of The Netherlands in the province of Noord-Brabant.


There are some 1500 inhabitants in the fortified town Heusden. More than 43.000 people live in the community Heusden itself.


The fortress Heusden has been fully restored since 1968, and the restoration was based on a 1649 map of Blaeu . Standing on the fortifications you have a clear view of the Bergsche Maas on one side and on the other side you are able to look at the green hinterland. The centre of Heusden is unique because of the many galleries, art- and antique shops. The sights worth seeing are the fortifications, the ‘Gouvenor’s garden’, the ‘Vismarkt’, the town-harbour, the three standard mills, the ‘visitors centre’ and the Catharijne Church.

History of Heusden


According to written sources the history of Heusden goes back to the beginning of the 12th century. One of the first Lords of Heusden’,

named Baldwin, built a stronghold in Heusden. This stronghold was the biggest waterstronghold in Europe.In the past Heusden was always crucial as border fortress and regularly there were battles about the fortress between the regions Holland, Brabant en Gelre. In 1357 Heusden finally became Dutch. More than once Heusden was involved in conflicts, in sieges and wars among others with the French and the Spaniards. During the eighty years’ war the river area around Heusden repeatedly was the scene of fierce battles. In this period Heusden was still loyal to the lawful authority of the Spanish king. Not until the Pacification of Ghent was there a change. Heusden chose – mainly because there was hardly sufficient protection – the revolt and the side of the Prince of Orange. Soon after that the first fortifications were built and improved. The building of the fortifications with bastions, ramparts and moats was developed in Italy, in order to defend the city as optimal as possible.

Opportunities and challenges


In 2010 a new landing jetty was made for river-cruise vessels and tourist vessels


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