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In the south-west of the Netherlands, 30 km from Rotterdam, on the island Voorne-Putten, upon the HaringvlietPopulation: almost 40.000 inhabitants

Features: a unique fortified centre, a starshaped citadel, which dates back to the 16th century, that used to be an important marine harbour for naval ships until the seventies. Now one of the biggest centres for nautical sports and recreational boating. History and modern life go well together in Hellevoetsluis


History of the fortress / walled town

The water and Hellevoetsluis have always been a combination,. In the beginning of the 17th century am important harbour for the Dutch naval fleet has been developed. This harbour has been fortified and became the unique combination of fortress and war harbour. From where admirals like Tromp, De Ruyter and Piet Hein departed for their long journeys on sea. In 1688 William II left from Hellevoetsluis with 400 ships to go to England to became king.

When the marine had left and during World War II a big part of the town had been destroyed Hellevoetsluis was doomed to vanish.


Who could imagine that after so many years Hellevoetsluis has become the second town on the island of Voorne Putten, a town that cherishes her history and cultural heritage, but that offers modern facilities to everyone.


Opportunities and challenges


Present city projects

De community of Hellevoetsluis develops a lot of cityprojects.The restauration of the fortification called Front I and II has been made possible with the generous support of the government. For the development of this area a European subvention has been granted (Interreg IV 2 Seas program, Walls and Gardens).The realization of houses in Groote Dok Oost and of a boulevard with museums.The realizations of a nautical workcentre near the Drydock Jan Blanken has been recently finished, also with an European subvention. (Interreg IV 2 Seas program, Yacht Valley)

The reconstruction of the harbour area and the realisation of a part for historical ships..Various events with water and ships.


Contact person town office


Peter Hofman, mayor/responsible for monuments and museums

00 31 181 330200


Veronique D. Stern, senior advisor culture

(monuments and museums)


0031 181 330470



Gemeente HellevoetsluisPostbus 133220 AA Hellevoetsluis The Netherlands