Gradara Castle and its medieval walls represent one of the best preserved medieval sites in Italy.

The Castle stands on a hill 142 metres above sea level and the keep, the main tower, which overlooks the whole valley, is 30 metres high.

Gradara’s strategical position has turned it into a crossroads of peoples and trades since early times. During the Middle Ages, the fortress was one of the most important scenes of the battles between the Papal State troops and the turbulent Marche and Emilia Romagna families.

Today, thanks to the proximity to the sea, Gradara is just a few steps away from one of Italy’s most renown tourist locations, the Marche and Romagna coast.


The keep was built around 1150 under the powerful family De Griffo but it is the Malatesta Family who built the Fortress and the double line of medieval walls, between the XIII and XIV century, giving Gradara its current state.

After the Malatesta Gradara passed on from hand to hand and many of the most important Italian families contended its possession: the Borgia, the Della Rovere, the Medici.
The Castle is extremely well-preserved thanks to Mr. Umberto Zanvettori who, in 1920, completed important restoration work, investing every means to return the fortress to its antique splendour

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