Europe’s greatest walled towns

walled towns

Are you someone who has always wondered about the history of those enormous and tall medieval walls? Have you asked why they have to build those fascinating walls and what it is like to live in those centuries-old walled cities? If we look back into the pages of history, most of those walls were made to protect the town from its enemies. These massive structures generally had a guard tower and were constructed on hills, making it difficult for the enemies to invade.

Regardless of the reason for building these thick-stone walls, these fortified towns have become the key to tasting the old world’s charms. So, if you love to explore the history of those fortified beauties, you can look into this list and find Europe’s top-walled towns.

Carcassonne, France

Carcassonne, France

Carcassonne is a beautiful medieval city located in Southeast France. Once you enter this city, you can taste the 13th-century world of glamorous towers and cobblestones. This walled city, with its 2 miles long rampart and 52 towers, is lively with tourists who come to explore a town classified as a World Heritage by UNESCO.

If you want to get the complete essence of the place, visit this fortified city at night when the place is free from crowds.

Rothenburg, Germany

Rothenburg in Germany is one of the best-preserved walled towns in Germany. The cobbled alleys and the intact ramparts will lighten the visitors’ imagination. However, this Bavarian city that can be dated back to the fifteenth century will give a different experience to travelers. The monastery garden of this medieval town stills has precious medicinal herbs. And The Medieval Crime and Punishment Museum remains a witness to how people were disciplined in those barbaric times.

Lucca, Italy

Lucca, in Tuscany, is a gateway to the old world. The Romanesque church and the piazzas give a relaxed ambiance to the city. To experience the elegance of a rich past, you can stroll through the main drag and visit some stores with old-world charm. But what makes Lucca an iconic city is its majestic ramparts that circle the city. Even though the town has the mightiest Renaissance wall, the cities haven’t seen any battle since 1430. Therefore, the locals use these ramparts like a park arranged with trees, making it a perfect path for an evening stroll or cycling.

Murten, Switzerland

Murten, Switzerland

If you want to witness the architectural marvel, you can visit the medieval ramparts built around Murten’s town. With the romantic castle that overlooks Lake Murten, expensive shops, outdoor cafes, and vineyards in the distance, this city will be the perfect place for you to spend your holidays. You can stroll through those ramparts to taste the town’s history and reminisce about the fierce Battle of Murten in 1476.

There were many walled cities in Europe; unfortunately, many tore down those majestic walls. But some towns still have maintained the walls and kept their medieval charms, thus keeping them separate from the rush and bustle of the outside world.

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