European Cities You Must Visit If You Like Architecture

European Cities

Europe is has some of the best architecture in the world, and there’s no shortage of places to experience it. With a long, diverse history and rich cultural heritage, Europe has something for every architecture lover. If you love architecture, you’ll love these European cities. The country has a long history of architectural heritage. Be it the detailing or the large pillar, Europe has it all. If you have a knack for beautiful buildings and construction, here are some European cities you should visit once in your life.


From the world-famous Tower of London to the elegant and iconic architecture of the Barbican housing estate, London is sure to delight architecture lovers. There’s something to appeal to all tastes, and the city has a plethora of attractions that will keep you busy for days.

Tower of London


In particular, Amsterdam is a treasure trove for architecture lovers, with more ancient buildings and historic sites than any other city in Europe. Its architectural style has international significance, and its historic city center is one of the biggest in Europe.


Paris is another city to visit if you love architecture. Paris’ architectural diversity spans from the middle ages to the 21st century. It is the homeland of Gothic construction and the epicenter of the French Renaissance. This city will delight any architecture lover with its Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arch De Triomphe, and Sacre Coeur. The Eiffel Tower’s latest landmark is another must-see for architecture lovers.


If you want to experience something more avant-garde, visit Malmo, a city across the Baltic Sea in Sweden. This city is well connected to the rest of Europe, together with Copenhagen and Stockholm. Malmo is also home to the impressive Oresund Bridge, an engineering marvel. You’ll also want to see the Turning Torso, a Santiago Calatrava design in the western harbor.


Another European city with a world-class architectural scene is Budapest. This city is often referred to as the Paris of Eastern Europe and is filled with beautiful buildings. Its architecture combines different architectural styles, including Baroque and Renaissance. Its history as a port makes it an important city for architecture lovers.



You can also visit Prague, which combines modern and traditional architecture. This city is an architectural masterpiece featuring Gothic cathedrals, Renaissance-Baroque buildings, and even postmodern architecture. The city’s historic center is also well preserved, making it an ideal destination for architecture lovers. Its architecture is an incredible display of eight centuries of history.


Barcelona is another city that’s worth considering if you love architecture. The city is home to many buildings designed by the fabulous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. The Sagrada Familia is his signature work and is unquestionably one of the places of interest of the city. Although this is a work of art that’s never finished, it is a genuinely magnificent landmark in this city.

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