Capital City: Zagreb

Total Area: 56,594km2

Population: 4,284,889

Currency: Kuna

Walled Towns:
Sinj, Slovanski Bord, Novigrad Dalmatia, Nin, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Karlovac



Croatia is a country located in the Southeastern Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea, between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia. It has a total area of 56,594 sq km, with Mediterranean and continental climate. As far as its terrain is concerned, it is geographically diverse - flat plains along Hungarian border, low mountains and highlands near Adriatic coastline and islands (some 1,200 islands, islets, ridges, and rocks). 

Croatia is a unitary democratic parliamentary republic. It has 20 administrative divisions- counties and 1 city with special county status. Croatia has a population of about 4.3 million, and the largest city in Croatia and the capital is Zagreb with population of almost one million inhabitants.  Zagreb is situated between two main geographic and demographic regions in Croatia, Slavonia in inland and Dalmatia on the Mediterranean. 

In terms of economy, the service sector dominates in the economy of the Mediterranean part of the country, where the most significant part of income comes from tourism, while the shipbuilding industry is at the second place. In the continental part of Croatia the economic activity is concentrated on the agriculture, in rural areas, and on the service sector, in the cities. The country exports mostly transport equipment, machinery, textiles, chemicals, foodstuffs and fuels, and its most significant export partners are Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Slovenia, Austria and Serbia.

Croatia joined European Union on 1st of July 2013., country is also a member of United Nations, the Council of Europe, NATO, the World Trade Organization and it is the founding member of the Union for the Mediterranean. 

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