Statutes of the Association styled European Walled Towns

Name of Association
1. The name of the Association is “European Walled Towns”.

Legal Basis
2. The Association is a non-profit association, voluntary and independent of the State, governed by the present Statutes and by the laws of Malta in particular the Second Schedule, Title III of the Civil Code (Chapter 16 of the Laws of Malta).

3. The Association is established for the purpose of promoting the many mutual interests shared by walled towns throughout the world on a non-profit making basis.

4. The objectives of the Association are:
a) To encourage friendship between the inhabitants of all ages in walled town communities;
b) To support walled towns and their history in present day circumstances;
c) To set up projects together to stimulate exchange and generate European and other funds;
d) To convene regular symposia in member towns;
e) To develop common strategies for methods of planning and conserving historic towns and their environmental context;
f) To enlarge the network of members;
g) To exchange knowledge and experience in many fields.

5. (1) Members of the Association may be Full Members or Individual

(2) Full Membership is only available to the local governmental authorities of Walled Towns, Associations, and Societies; to qualify for full
membership a town must be inhabited and have a significant portion of its walls intact and should be of historic interest to visitors and residents. Full Members must qualify under at least one of the following categories:

(a) official bodies other than local government authorities;
(b) societies and organisations;
(c) companies or other commercial undertakings;
(d) professional bodies;
(e) schools and colleges including universities;
(f) youth organisations;

(3) Individual Membership is open to individuals with an interest and commitment to historic walled towns, subject to the qualifications and conditions for membership as set-out in these Statutes. Individual Membership shall carry one collective vote during AGMs and EGMs and shall be voted through their representative.

(4) The Association does not preclude Membership from outside Europe.

(5) Members of the Association are those who:
(a) subscribe to the purposes of the Association; 
(b) meet the personal status or qualifications for membership as set out in these Statutes;
(c) provide the necessary membership details;
(d) pay such membership fee as may be applicable or otherwise fulfil such conditions on participation as may be required by these Statutes or rules of the organisation; and
(e) are admitted by the Board of Administration of members.

(6) Members may only qualify as members, if:
(a) through their commitment or actions, they have proved their attachment to the objects of the Association;
(b) they have an interest and commitment to historic walled towns;
(c) they are not salaried by the Association.

(7) Decisions as to eligibility will rest with the Association’s Secretariat with reference, where necessary, to its Board of Administrators.

(8) All members, irrespective of their class, will be expected to follow these Statutes and to pay the approved membership fees.

(9) Every member of the Association shall be free to leave the Association and such member cannot be subjected to any liability, other than for unpaid fees, on leaving the Association.

(10) If the number of paid up members of the Association falls below three, the administrators are bound to proceed with a written call for payment of dues to the members informing them that non-payment will lead to termination under Article
54(3) of the Second Schedule, Title III of the Civil Code, (Chapter 16 of the Laws of Malta), and on the lapse of the said period, with the termination of the registration of the Association.

(11) The membership of a person in the Association is not transferable or subject to inheritance.

(12) Members shall not have patrimonial rights to the assets of the Association and are not entitled to any compensation on retirement or expulsion or on winding up of the Association.

(13) Membership fees are not endowments and shall not be treated as such nor shall they be refundable except as expressly stated in these Statutes.

(14) The first Members of the Association shall be those listed in the Schedule annexed to these Statutes.

(15) The procedure for terminating the membership of a member will be the responsibility of the Board of Administrators. The Board of Administrators will make recommendations and give its reasons for such termination to the General Meeting. In such circumstances the member will have the right to put his/her case to remain in membership to the General Meeting. The General Meeting may accept or reject any such proposal of the Board of Administrators. Read More



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