Beauty And History Encircle Europe’s Great Walled Towns

Europe's Great Walled Towns

In the medieval ages, Europe was famous for its rich culture and heritage, which we can now witness in the form of gigantic walls and other structures. During the 15th and 16th centuries, Europe was ruled by prosperous Roman empires. Although many mark this time as a dark phase for the continent, it is still an awakening phase for artistic explosion and broadened rich cultural knowledge.

Luckily, even today, many of the European walls and medieval treasures remain intact, now serving as significant tourist attractions in the region. This article reveals European-walled towns and cities that peel layers back to the ages.

Burges in Belgium

Burges in Belgium

During heydays, this city was once a trading center during the 12th and 15 centuries. As a result, it is one of Europe’s best and most picturesque medieval towns. With cobbled lanes, whitewashed houses, and many more, it offers amazing architecture to all its visitors.

It also comprises the Burges’ bell tower, which shall consist of 266 steps to reach the top, to have a mesmerizing look at the city.

San Gimignano in Italy

It is present amongst the rolling vineyards of Tuscany, which offers breathtaking views to visitors and art lovers. This medieval town comprises 14 towers built between the 12th and 15th centuries. The Collegiata cathedral is also a recommended spot.

Bologna in Italy

The city has many names; the most popular is La Rossa, which translates to ‘the red one’. The town is filled with architecture of brickwork that reflects its ancient center. The Basilica di San Petronio is one of the world’s most talk-about churches, built in the late 14th century.

Mdina in Malta

Due to the city’s peace and tranquility, it is also called the ‘Silent City’ and one of the smallest in Europe. The city is located on a hilltop with distingue beauty surrounding it. Despite being the older city discovered by the Roman Empire, Mdina is considered an architectural treasure for many churches, cathedrals, mansions, monasteries, etc.

Anyone who loves to sway with the gushing winds and enjoy site-seeing would love this city and wish to reside there.

Tallinn in Estonia

Roaming around Estonia’s streets is akin to a fairy tale’s description. With cobbled lanes, timbered houses, and squares along the roads, it is the most medieval of all the cities mentioned above. However, it also consists of a gothic town hall, which is 700 years old.

Istanbul, Turkey

Being the capital of the Ottoman Empire in 1453, a colonized center for ramparts, mosques, minarets, and palaces that witnessed civilizations of faith. Hagia Sophia, which was constructed in the late 6th century, is one of the must-visits of the Greek Orthodox Church. The shimmering gold lining of the walls and domes in museums is a treat to sore eyes.

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