Best-Walled Tourist Towns in Europe

Tourist Towns

When visiting Europe, you should visit the best-walled tourist towns. These historic towns can make for a wonderful family trip and are particularly rewarding for children. Both children and adults can dive into the beauty of these places.

These towns often feature walled city centres, which are excellent places for kids to explore and climb. The walls in these towns are open to the public for free during daylight hours, but you should check ahead of time to make sure you can visit after dark. Europe is filled with beautiful walled towns. Some of the best ones are mentioned in this article.


There are several walled cities to explore in Spain. One of the best-preserved walled towns is Avila. The city is in Castile and Leon, which is located about 100km from Madrid. Its walls are among the most preserved in the world. If you want, you can walk around it in the daytime or simply experience an illuminated beauty at night.

A walk along the city walls offers a chance to experience medieval life up close. The town walls, about two and a half miles long, are lined with trees and great places for walking, biking, and people-watching. The medieval ramparts also house a museum with exhibits about the punishments of the time.

Dubrovnik and the walls of York

Another walled tourist town in Europe is Dubrovnik. The walls of this town date back to the Romans, with some portions still intact. Visitors can wander along the medieval city walls and see remnants of Roman brickwork. Another example is the walls of York, which are 3.4 km long and one of the best preserved in England. They feature a number of towers and are home to 50 little alleys called ginnels.

walls of York


During your stay in Italy, you can also visit the medieval hilltop town of Orvieto. Located on an ancient tufa plateau, this hilltop town is home to a 14th-century cathedral with a stunning rose window. Its church also contains significant frescos by Luca Signorelli, a precursor to Michelangelo.

If you love Renaissance architecture, a visit to this walled town will be a worthwhile experience. Its medieval streets are traffic-free, and the buildings themselves are beautifully preserved. There are also multi-coloured stores, chalets, and eateries. Despite the town’s popularity, the town remains relatively quiet, aside from tourists.

To sum it up

If you’re a history buff, you will want to explore one of Europe’s many walled tourist towns. These ancient places are filled with a fascinating history. In addition to walled cities, there are many smaller towns throughout Europe that you can visit.

These places are hidden gems that offer the same great architecture and beautiful natural landscapes as their more famous counterparts. Exploring these medieval villages while taking in the Old World charm is fun. There are 16 walled cities in Europe that still have their walls standing. Its ancient walls have been preserved by time and are dotted with stunning churches and colourful squares.

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