Antoñana is a village and former municipality in the province of Alava, Basque Country (Spain). Since the 1960 was built as council in the municipality of Campezo.


It is at the confluence of the rivers Berrón and Sabando that surround it, and next to the A-132, from Vitoria to Estella, at Km. 

Except the land devoted to cereal and potato cultivation, the rest of its surface is covered by dense forests of oaks and beeches, and other species, among which some ancient yews.

It is in these forests where it is collected and cultivated truffles. It is also a major producer of honey center, with designation of origin.

The number of inhabitants is 134, according to 2010 census belongs to the municipality of Campezo, in the Cuadrilla de Campezo-Montaña Alavesa



Antoñana was founded in 1182 by Sancho the Wise of Navarre as fortified town on an old fort at the confluence of two roads, one from Armentia, by Okina and Corres, and the other from the Plains through the port of Azáceta.

In 1239 it was incorporated to Castile by King Alfonso VIII. Your character realengo happened, Enrique de Trastámara mercy of Ruy Diaz de Rojas, who in turn forwarded it to the Hurtado de Mendoza, whose jurisdiction was was petitioned by the town until its independence in 1635 upon payment to the Crown.