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The EWT (then called the Walled Towns Friendship Circle , WTFC) was founded in Tenby (South Wales) in 1989. It is an International Forum to promote the many mutual interests shared by walled towns in Europe.

The reason for the need to maintain the historic walled towns was expressed at an Annual General Meeting in Piran in 1998 and hence is called:

Piran Declaration:

Walled Towns are unique inheritances from times long past and should be treasured, maintained and safeguarded from neglect, damage and destruction and passed on into perpetuity as irreplaceable ‘Timestones of History’.

At the moment the EWT has a hundred walled town members in more than 20 countries. In addition ten organisation involved with walled towns and twenty five individuals are associate members.

The European Walled Towns Secretariat consists of:
President Mr Joseph Spiteri 
Vice President Anne Scicluna
Vice President Veronique Stern
Secretary General Andrew Grima
Treasurer Emy Micallef

Twice a year the Executive meeting takes place with up to two delegates representing the members from each country. In addition two places on the Executive are reserved for the representative for the Associate organisations members and the Associate individual members.

Once a year the Annual General Meeting takes place.  Overview of previous Walled Town Annual conferences

1991 – Cardiff (UK)

1992 – Cittadella, (I)

1993 – Loches (FR)

1994 – Derry/Londonderry (N-Ireland)

1995 – Mdina (M)

1996 – Drosendorf an der Thaya (AU)

1997 – Chester (UK)

1998 – Piran (SL)

1999 – Zadar (CR)

2000 – Tenby (UK)

2001 – Elvas (P)

2002 – Soave (I)

2003 – Waterford (IR)

2004 – Chichester (UK)

2005 – ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL)

2006 – Verona (I)

2007 – Plasencia (E)

2008 – Canterbury (UK)

2009 – Osmangazi – Bursa (TR)

2010 – Fredericia (DK)

2011 – Lucca (I)

2012 – Gmünd in Carinthia (A)

2013 – Derry

2014 - Chichester


2015 - Ravenna


2016 - Hellevoetsluis

2018 - Valletta